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My name is Christine Meram. I am first generation Chaldean-American. The Chaldean's history dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia in Babylon. The Chaldean's once occupied the Ur of Chaldea, a city in Babylon. In the United States, the two cities with the largest Chaldean populations are Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California. 

I was born in Detroit and raised in San Diego. I graduated from the Design Institute of San Diego with a BFA in Interior Design. While studying for my degree, I took an active interset in writing. Many projects required me to create client backgrounds and have a creative story behind them. I eventually found myself writing in my spare time and contributing in the school blog. I quickly saw how Interior Design and writing novels are very similar. Both require endless editing, revisions, understanding your audience, taking criticism well, long hours with little to no sleep, and being driven to succeed. 

I am an active member of SCBWI and RWA. 

In January 2020, I launched my first blog, History of Mermaids. 


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Christine Meram


An Unlikely Tale

"An Unlikely Tale" is a Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy novel with series potential.

Sixteen year-old Troy's summer vacation starts out like any other, until he finds an enthralling young girl with strange silver rashes all over her body at the La Jolla Cove. Troy feels an instant connection with Aqua, that only grows deeper when he learns of her chronic nightmares about his older brother, Jake. 

Jake, is a fisherman turned mermaid hunter, who has compelling evidence that Aqua is a mermaid. Unable to stand that Troy has fallen hard for Aqua, Jake will go to great lengths to destroy their blossoming romance—even murder. 

Troy's loyalties is put to the test. When he has to choose between his lover and his brother.


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